On Evangelism & Discipleship

Grow in Grace discipleship lessons:

Recommended reading about evangelism:

  • Sharing Jesus Without Fear by William Fay
  • The Art of Personal Evangelism by Will MaRaney
  • The Unexpected Journey by Thom Rainer
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman
  • Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman
  • The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

Recommended reading about discipleship:

  •  Mentoring for Mission by Gunter Krallman
  • The Lost Art of Disciple Making by Howard Hendricks
  • The Training of the Twelve by A B Bruce
  • Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur
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On Church Planting

Recommended reading about church planting:

  • Planting Churches Cross Culturally by David Hesselgrave
  • The Indigenous Church by Melvin Hodges
  • To Be or Not To Be a Church Member by Wayne Mack
  • Missionary Methods: Saint Paul’s or Ours by Rolland Allen

Recommended reading for church planting specifically within the UK context:

  • Church Planting in Hard Places by McKinley & McConnell
  • Bible-centred Church by John Temple

Recommended church planting & revitalisation organisations in the UK

On Governance

Recommended law firm for legal work in UK:

On Missions & Culture

Recommended reading about cultural adaptation:

  • Culture Shock by Myron Loss
  • Psychology of Missionary Adjustment by Marge Jones
  • Cross Cultural Servanthood by Duane Elmer

Recommended reading about missions

  • Biblical Theology of Missions by George W Peters
  • From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker
  • The Challenge of Missions by Oswald J Smith
  • The Key to the Missionary Problem by Andrew Murray

Recommended reading for missionaries coming to the UK to plant and revitalise churches:

  • This Sceptred Isle: 20th Century by Christopher Lee
  • Watching the English by Kate Fox
  • ‘The Good Missionary’ by David Moore, ed.
  • Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall

On Church Leadership

Recommended reading for pastoring:

  • Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon
  • Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders
  • On Being a Servant of God by Warren Wiersebe
  • Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald
  • Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards
  • Preaching and Preachers by Martyn Lloyd Jones
  • Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams

Recommended Bible colleges/institutes in the UK:

Other Resources

Resources for praying for the world:

Resources for praying for the UK: